Welcome to Graziano Career Works, LLC.

As a traveler on your educational, career, or professional journey, you need a guide to assist you in accomplishing your goals to…

  • put together the best college application and college list possible
  • figure out your unique story and how to share it in essays
  • gain admission to and funding for graduate school
  • develop your academic writing and research skills
  • explore and pursue your career possibilities
  • understand your strengths
  • develop your networking skills
  • become a more effective, confident professional writer
  • design courses and programs for your department
  • deliver presentations, programs, and trainings for your employees.

Graziano Career Works, LLC guides high school, college, and graduate students and professionals to help them accomplish their educational, personal, and professional goals; assists colleges and universities in realizing their strategic mission through courses and programs; and supports corporations and nonprofit organizations by creating tailored presentations, programs, and trainings to ensure employees’ professional development and success.

I look forward to helping you travel on your journey.

All my best,
Karen Graziano, J.D.

Moravian College