High School Students

High School Students receive assistance with the following:

  • College Admission – Learn how to plan your college application process, create your college list, write an effective application, and make your college decision.
  • Academic Advising – Develop an academic plan for your transition to college, including how to study effectively, manage college courses and responsibilities, work with college professors, develop mentoring relationships, and navigate college successfully.
  • Career & Professional Development – Create a professional development plan that will help you consider your initial and future steps in college, including leadership, service, mentoring, shadowing, and internships.
  • Academic Writing – Improve your academic writing skills and become a more qualified applicant for college and more informed college writer and researcher.
  • Professional Writing – Get ahead by learning how to write for a professional audience, including writing a professional resume, cover letters, memos, recommendation letters, and reports, and presenting PowerPoints and Prezis effectively.