College Admission

Graziano Career Works, LLC uses a professional development approach to college admission by helping high school students identify their strengths and qualities first and then their educational interests and goals. We help students create an admission plan and then guide them in crafting materials that demonstrate their personal stories and accomplishments. We assist students in identifying options and understanding their college fit, and then we help them transition to college by providing them with personalized advice and instruction on college writing and research skills and professional development, including leadership, service, research mentoring, and internships.

High school students receive assistance with the following:

  • assessing strengths, qualities, and interests
  • planning testing and the application process
  • identifying and pursuing professional opportunities and leadership experiences while in high school
  • creating a college list
  • identifying and corresponding with recommenders
  • planning college visits
  • brainstorming essay topics
  • crafting authentic, personalized essays
  • developing a resume for applications
  • evaluating college programs
  • assessing college offers
  • assisting with the transition to college
  • developing a freshman year course and leadership plan
  • developing a multi-year professional development plan for the college experience
  • preparing for college level writing and research
  • developing an understanding of how to manage time effectively in college
  • understanding how to work well with college professors, advisors, and career counselors
  • creating a professional resume.