Corporate and Nonprofit Programs & Training

Graziano Career Works, LLC helps corporate and nonprofit organizations realize their missions and assist their employees through training, professional writing instruction, graduate admission consulting, program development, and college admission presentations.

  • Training – Develop and deliver presentations, workshops, training programs, and webinars on communication, writing, leadership, and career and professional development topics. Develop training for groups and individual employees.
  • Professional Writing – Help your organization examine its professional writing, including your vision, mission, strategic plan, goals, letters, memos, reports, publications, bios, LinkedIn profiles, and social media content. Assist in updating your professional writing across the organization, providing consistency and objectivity. Work with employees individually, in teams, or in group instruction to refine and develop professional writing skills. Assist in the creation of an editorial calendar and article and blog research and writing.
  • Graduate Admission Consulting – Provide employees with assistance in the graduate admission process in programs that would add value to your organization.
  • Program Development – Develop and administer internship and professional development programs for high school and college students at your organization. Develop community-oriented youth-engagement opportunities that provide high school and college students with professional development experience at your organization.
  • College Admission Presentations – Present on the college admission process for employees, including teaching parents strategies to help their children develop college-readiness skills, such as responsibility and independence, throughout the process.